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Big Shots gathering in RongchengChuangYiJia won two China Lighting awards

On September 9, the 12th China Lighting prize award ceremony kicked off in the "TIANFU" - chengdu, joined by industry experts and scholars, designers, and associated enterprise. While sharing the new experience of lighting, we also discuss the future development of the industry with a professional perspective. Chuang yijia chairman Wang xiaobo, deputy General Manager Li gang as invited guests, attended the annual event.

The "China Lighting Award" is established by the China lighting society and is the only science and technology award in China's lighting industry approved by the national science and technology. It is also an extremely high award in China's lighting industry. It includes "Lighting Engineering Design Award" and "Scientific and Technological Innovation" , ranging from sports venues, indoor, outdoor, square, park, bridge, blocks, etc.,. After declaration, review and demonstration, more than 140 projects come out.

Maoshan Salt Spring town declared jointly by Chuang Yi Jia Lighting co., LTD., together with Shanghai Modern Architectural Environment Design and Research Institute co., LTD won the second prize. Jingjiang City Sports Center declared jointly by Beijing Architectural Design Institute co., LTD., Guangzhou Kay Electric co., LTD. won the third prize.

It is reported that this award is actively declared by lighting enterprises, voted by China lighting academy's experts , passed by China lighting award  committee, and finally publized to the public through the media. All the winning works have been carefully chosen, representing the overall level of the lighting industry in China.

From creative design and delivery to lighting operation, we are committed to providing integrated theme lighting closed-loop service solutions for the owners. In the future, the company will continue to explore the value of theme lighting, create more excellent lighting projects, integrate art and business needs, and promote healthy development of the industry.